Edible straws: rice-based straws are made in a company

Edible straws
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Well, of course when you think about it, growing rice to make straws when you could do without it and you could feed men is a shame. But when you think of the damage caused by this little piece of plastic, we hope that an alternative will arrive soon and here is one.

When we know that we use 1 billion non-recyclable straws thrown away every day in the world, this really gives us food for thought about a possible alternative. This is exactly what we are doing by marketing the first edible and biodegradable straws, in rice

These are edible straws. They consist of rice. These straws do not alter the taste.
Unlike plastic which can take 200 years to disintegrate into plastic microbeads , these straws decompose after a hundred days

Last October, the European Parliament banned single-use plastic, including straws, from 2021. In January 2018, China banned the import of recyclable waste like plastic or paper, leading to a waste crisis in South Korea and various countries. In order to find a solution quickly, the Korean government then banned single-use plastic cups in restaurants and cafes.

We can finally rejoice in having straws that respect the environment

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