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introducing our new website

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We are happy to present to you Our new website, more dynamic and better adapted to customer needs, allows you to choose from a range of quality products Although our site is transactional, we are always there to answer your questions. we have stocked it with products that you can easily order.

a planetary movement

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Companies around the world want to eradicate or reduce the use of plastic straws.Thousands of campaigns have sprung up around the world to eliminate plastic straws from our daily lives. Dozens of organizations and multinationals have joined the movement.

1 billion non-recyclable straws thrown every day around the world

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In Costa Rica, single-use plastic will be banned by 2021. Scotland, Costa Rica, Belize, Kenya and Taiwan are also planning a total or partial ban on these plastic straws. France, which plans to ban disposable plastic cups, glasses and plates, as well as cotton swabs, by 2020 has yet to take action

Edible straws: rice-based straws are made in a company

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Well, of course when you think about it, growing rice to make straws when you could do without it and you could feed men is a shame. But when you think of the damage caused by this little piece of plastic, we hope that an alternative will arrive soon and here is one.
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